Shadow image overview of the Columbia College main campus. Columbia College's Rogers Gate

College Administration

Dr. David R. Russell — President

St. Clair Hall, Room 102
Phone: (573) 875-7200

Dr. Sandra Hamar — Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs

St. Clair Hall, Room 119
Phone: (573) 875-7502

Dixie Williams — Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing & Communications

Missouri Hall, Room 239
Phone: (573) 875-7449

Clifford Jarvis — Vice President for Facility Operations

St. Clair Hall, Room 112
Phone: (573) 875-7301

Suzanne Rothwell — Vice President of Advancement

St. Clair Hall, Room 107 E
Phone: (573) 875-7207

Dr. David Roberts — Dean, Student Affairs

Atkins-Holman Student Commons 226
Phone: (573) 875-7401

Bruce Boyer — Chief Financial Officer

Missouri Hall, Room 310
Phone: (573) 875-7251

Patty Fischer — Chief Human Resources Officer

Missouri Hall, Room 123
Phone: (573) 875-7255

Gary Stanowski — Chief Information Officer

Launer, Room 9
Phone: (573) 875-7353

James Arnold — Athletic Director

Southwell Complex, Room 6
Phone: (573) 875-7410

Mary Brown — Senior Executive Assistant to the President & Assistant Secretary to the Board

St. Clair Hall, Room 102
Phone: (573) 875-7201

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Too many people have been made to feel that higher education isn’t a place for them— that it is someone else’s dream. But we change all that. With individualized attention and ongoing support, we help you write a new story for the future where you play the starring role.